Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What dee what what!

Hi Tim! I hope things are going well with you and life is treating you well this lovely May.

I just wanted to check in really quick. I still have your book, I'm hoping to make some headway into it tonight. But I wanted to know if you wanted to give this another go! I have been so busy, as I'm sure you have been too, so I have no problem being a slow group like we've said before. No shame in us taking our time! Just let me know how you're doing on your end, what you'd like to do.

Cheers from Oregon!


  1. Hi Alecia! Nice to hear from you. Your book is still safe and sound with me (albeit gathering sorry about that!). I‘d be happy to give it another go as long as you're ok with the lightning quick pace we‘re working at!

    I‘m wondering if maybe we should just get rid of our collage restriction? Perhaps that's what is holding us back? I dunno.

    Salut from NY!

  2. Wow, just saw that we last made this re-boot attempt in August of last year! Yikes!

    Ok, I'm making a firm deadline of August 1st for mailing yours back to you. Although I really hope I beat that by quite a bit.