Monday, December 28, 2009

Mailing Out

Alas, it is finally finished. I spent the last couple of days warring with myself over whether or not to fill the first page before she begins, but I like her solo. This is a little different from what I normally do and I hope you all like it. It was very time consuming.

Tim, this is headed your way today!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tyler's moly

This is Tyler's wonderful moly I received last Thursday! Sorry about the crooked scan. I very much look forward to diving into this moly this week. :] I'll mail mine and Tyler's out seperately, Tim, to avoid a sudden surge of multiple molies.

So, I have a couple questions while I'm posting (I seem to have a million of them, don't I?)

1.) Tyler, Tim, are there themes to your books that you would like to see executed? I noticed Tyler that your book has "Natural History" written on your sign in page on your square. Would you like to see that theme executed throughout the book?

2.) Since there are only four of us and thirty pages in the book, if we do this all in one round, we should be doing 7.5-ish pages. Do we want to do that or do we want to go a couple rounds and just do the usual 3 to 4? I, personally, think multiple rounds would be good. I think almost 8 pages per person would be overwhelming and difficult to do compositionally.

I'll have mine up soon, too! Happy molying, folks. Cheers!