Monday, December 28, 2009

Mailing Out

Alas, it is finally finished. I spent the last couple of days warring with myself over whether or not to fill the first page before she begins, but I like her solo. This is a little different from what I normally do and I hope you all like it. It was very time consuming.

Tim, this is headed your way today!


  1. Holy crap! That is absolutely stunning!! This will be one tough act to follow! Just wow!

  2. Thanks so much, Tim! That means a lot to me. Sorry it took so long.

  3. Wow. That's really beautiful. These books are going to be fascinating. Just back from an epic vacation in northern Mozambique with new materials for Tim's book and then I'll ship it.

  4. So, i just caught up on my molies for the Portrait 2 Group so, it's time to get back on track with this book. I've got a couple ideas and will take a crack at this soon.

    Anyone else out there doing anything for this group?

  5. I've also gotten caught up in Portrait 4 and have a sketch of what I want in Tyler's book, which I've been working on the past couple of weeks. I may scrap it for a different idea, but in the same vein, so it won't take much longer. Then on to collaging.

    I was going to ask you guys how you were doing soon, but you beat me to the punch. Are we able to amiably agree that it's okay if this is a slow group since we are in other groups? I don't mind, how about you guys?

    How's life? :]

  6. I have no problem being in a slow group, just as long as we all communicate occasionally (thanks for that Alecia). Collage is slow-work after all.

    So, Tyler, out there? Got anything cookin'?

  7. Was a little sad to open my mail yesterday and find that Tyler had returned my moly with no new additions. Hard to believe this book went all the way to Africa and back with nothing added. But thanks for returning it to me, I completely understand the difficulty of working in projects like this.

    Alecia, I still have your book (still haven't added anything to this one either I'm afraid...). Not sure what you would like to do at this point, since we seem to be the only ones "participating". I could return it or we could try to recruit some more artists to re-boot the group (I did this successfully with the Portraits2 group), but I'll leave it up to you.