Friday, June 12, 2009

Shaking the Bushes

Well, we've taken off with all the zip and flash of a dud bottle rocket. So can everyone check in and decide whether or not you're interested? If not, it's no problem and we'll recruit some new people and set a date for mailings. But no movement for a month usually means something is dead, and that's no way to start.

Do tell.


  1. Buy your books. Make your entry. Contact the person you are mailing to for her/his address. Mail the book. Post pictures. Get lots of love. It really works.

    No worries, only love and happiness.

  2. I've got my moly and am ready to get started. I'll send Tim a message ASAP to get his mailing address. :)

  3. Great advice, Marty. Thanks. We'll just start.

  4. I've got mine as well, have been a bit busy with other projects so I haven't started yet but will most likely get something going soon. From my experience sometimes it takes a bit to get the first round going - some people don't have quick access to the japanese books and it takes a while to get them in the mail, others (like myself) have many other creative obligations and have to wait for some free time. After we get through the first round things tend to speed up a bit and go more smoothly.